Here, I look forward to sharing with you the passion I share for merino yarn, from my perspective.

When Rhichard decided to discontinue the Phantom line of 100% superwashed, superfine merino yarn, in fingering weight, I thought that it would be the perfect initial offering for this online retail website.  A skein of Peppino fingering weight, at 225 yards, weighs about 65 grams.  A skein of Phantom superfine fingering weight, at the same 225 yards, weighs about 45 grams.  So soft.  So fine.  And it's named Phantom after a superfine merino ram we had, that we also acquired from Morehouse Farm.  As a superfine merino, Phantom was a lot smaller than Peppino, who was an American-Delaine merino.  What he didn't have in size he had in attitude.  He wasn't pushed around by the other rams we had, even though, from birth, he was blind in one eye and had a limp.  He never challenged Peppino, but he was always up for a show-down with any of Peppino's male offspring we kept.  His fleece was insanely dense, so fine.  So the Phantom line of merino yarn offered here isn't for socks or any hard-wearing.  It's for deliciously-soft shawls, cowls, that sort of thing.