Martha Robinson

Martha Robinson

For those of you who have been with us from our beginning, the original skein tag we had on our Peppino fingering

weight yarn had a watercolour painting of our merino ram, Peppino, that was painted by our dear friend Martha Robinson - who also did an almost life-sized watercolour of him that has pride-of-place in our living room.  It was with very heavy hearts that we learned of Martha’s death in August at the age of 57.  

We met Martha in the early 1990s when we were exhibiting some of our merino sheep at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.  She was in the Cattle Barn, sitting on a straw bale, sketching a Hereford cow.  We were instant admirers of her amazing artistic skills and chatted with her at length and that lead to extending an invitation to come to our farm in Aberfoyle to do a painting of Peppino.  

Over the years, we kept in touch, bought more of her work, with Robert often meeting her at the Toronto Zoo, when business . . . in a former career . . . would bring him there.  Otherwise, there were long telephone conversations and always plans to go to this place to paint that, or that other place to paint.  Usually, those plans remained just that, which was fine, and not.  It’s always about definitely doing it later, and then there is no later.  

 We’re so fortunate to have things of Martha.  They give us great joy, now touched with that sadness of loss of a dear friend.

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