The Year Of Knitting Dangerously

The Year Of Knitting Dangerously

In the latter part of 2019, we had a virtual travel adventure called ‘The Year Of Knitting Dangerously’.

Once a month, for five months, participants got a ‘travel kit’ consisting of a pattern provided by a participating designer, the yarns needed to produce the design, plus one additional ‘mystery skein’ and a coded boarding ticket for the virtual trip to the home country of the participating designer.  


The first kit was a reversible scarf, called ‘Racing Adrenaline’ designed by Kitty Bryan who’s located in Washington State - the racing adrenaline relating to Washington State being on ‘the ring of fire’, referencing the geological instability that surrounds much of the Pacific Ocean, including along the west coast of North America.


The second kit was called ‘Delilah’s Daydream’ designed by Kim Firth, located in London, England, near Cleopatra’s Needle.  Her design produced two pair of socks, each pair being the reverse pattern of the other.  


The third kit was Cristelle Nihoul’s ‘Fresnel’ brioche cowl.  Living in Belgium, Cristelle has a passion for the mystical woodland known as ‘The Blue Forest’ and captured that so well in her participating pattern.


The fourth kit was Michele Meadow’s pattern for a hat she named ‘Liken The Lichen’.  A resident of the famous Muskoka Lake district in Ontario, Canada, and a dedicated observer of the natural world, Michele’s hat captured the simplicity and complexity of that unique life-form, lichen.


And the fifth and final kit was designed by Weichien, also known as The Petite Knitter, who lives in Nunavut, in Canada’s Far North.  Her pattern, for a neck-warming bandana is called ‘Winter Desert’ and demonstrates the stunning beauty of the Arctic, whether through the long Winter or the very brief Summer.


With the receipt of each kit, the participating knitters needed to email us to register their coded boarding ticket and that gave us the opportunity to engage with each knitter, which, for Robert, was the organizational highlight. 


Five kits later, and six boarding tickets later, our participating knitters are safely back from their global wanderings, hopefully with all five projects knitted, and with five extra skeins at home waiting for a mystery pattern which is being sent to them in the month of January 2020.  


A big thanks to the participating yarn stores, a big thanks to the participating knitters, a big thanks for everyone’s patience with the odd glitch in the virtual travel . . . and what’s a travel without the odd glitch! . . . and, because it was so much fun, we’re working on something pretty big, that we think will be lots of fun, which we’ll announce shortly.


For those who weren’t able to participate, or didn’t know, or whose interest is now tweaked, check out the kits on our website, get the pattern you need on Ravelry, directly from each designer, and, as always with knitting, immerse, have fun.

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