We sell a lot of yarn! Rhichard endeavours to post, via Instagram, what he's producing, what he's working on, who he's working with, and,
especially, the photos we get from people showing us what they've produced with our yarn.

We do know more words than WOW! but WOW! always seems the most appropriate.  

As well as STUNNING! We just LOVE seeing what knitters do with the yarns that Rhichard lovingly produces. It's why he does what he does.
He knits, so he appreciates more. When I look at someone knitting, or look at a pattern, I think reading a book on quantum physics is easier,
so I'm always intrigued, and, I'm a huge sweater-lover, who, oddly, doesn't have a sweater made from Rhichard's yarns!


So please, definitely, wander this website, check out what's available, follow Rhichard on Instagram to see 'the latest' as it's happening,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let's have fun together.