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Merino rams are known for the size and curvature of their horns, and while we have seen a lot of merino rams in our time, and had a lot of merino rams from our five original ewes and a few more purchased after the fact, not one produced a set better than Fynn’s. 

From tip to tip, almost three feet wide. 

And, while gentle, like his dad, Peppino, he’d also look for opportunities to head-butt with the other rams. 

And when two sets of horns hit, the sound travelled for an amazing distance. 

Yet, around people, he’d behave like he knew the potential damage a quick side-swipe might cause.  And while some of the rams would struggle during shearing, it seemed like he was totally into the experience, looking forward to the wind on his back and, only after shearing, the rain on his skin. 

So, for our 100% super-washed, worsted weight merino yarn, the name Fynn was perfect.

100% superwashed merino yarn, worsted weight, in a 160 metre (175 yard) skein weighing 80 grams (2.8 ounces)

That's Rhichard.

With fibre-dyeing in his genes, Rhichard's journey to master dyer and beyond has incorporated involvement in hand-spinning, hand-weaving, a line of one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories, shepherding a flock of merinos, and dancing in the creation of colourways inspired by experience and imagination.


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